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Reshaping Healthcare

A global perspective to healthcare in this digital age asks for a close look at how things are done. Does the regular approach to healthcare still makes sense for patients? For physicians? For society?

Very often organisations are build  through an Ad Hoc approach of trial and error.

In this day and age though professional organisations need a structured approach based on science, experience and proven concepts.

Quality is not happening by chance. Quality is a matter of careful planning and daily dedication of the whole clinical as well as the logistics support team of any healthcare organisation. This is true for big hospitals as well as for small private medical and dental clinics. To reach this goal more and more  local and international standards are defined to help in the definition of quality which in a medical organisation is much more then just a positive outcome of the individual treatments.

- How is the organisation structured?

- Is a Risk Assessment made? Are the risks mitigated and all changes implemented?

- Is the organisation certified in any way? Are the employees certified?

- How are the team members trained and kept certified?

- How is hygiene ensured and validated?

- Is there a complained procedure?

- Does the organisation know what new regulations are in effect?

- How are supplies managed?

- How are the documents managed?

- Is the digital network safe and (clinical) data secure?

These and many more questions need to be answered.

Unfortunately clinicians are not trained to set up Health Care Quality Management Systems. Terra Sana has the knowledge and experience to help larger and smaller medical and dental organisations to get organised and if needed or wished to get full certification

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